Through personalized online support, Responsive Instruction, LLC can assist you with:

  • IEP’s
  • 504 Plans
  • Advocacy
  • Learning Needs
  • Inclusion Support
  • Behavioral Needs
  • Transition Planning
  • Special Education Services
  • Understanding Evaluations
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Collaboration and Co-teaching
  • College Accommodations and Supports

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Responsive Instruction, LLC supports…

Quick Assist

Responsive Instruction, LLC can provide a “Quick Assist” for immediate support. These services are designed to provide you with support right when you need it.

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  • Phone Consultation to ask a specific question or get a unbiased second opinion.
  • Record Review to prepare for an upcoming meeting.
  • Annual Review Planning to receive assistance in preparing for a student’s annual review.
  • Behavior Assistance to identify supports for a new behavior or challenge.
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Responsive Instruction, LLC was founded by two educators with over five decades of combined experience in teaching students with disabilities, designing and implementing a full range of student supports, and addressing strategic speech-language interventions in a variety of settings. We have also worked extensively providing staff development to teachers, advocating for student and parent needs and collaborating with other agencies and professionals in the field of education. Your needs will be comprehensively addressed by one or both of the RI consultants who will complement and coordinate on each case.

Special areas of focus include:

  • Directly and indirectly support student needs for information, understanding, plan development and implementation in your k-12 school and/or post secondary settings (college, technical school, on the job requirements, etc.).
  • Developing an appropriate IEP that is implemented with fidelity for student success.
  • Matching a realistic and accurate assessment of student interests and needs with graduation outcomes that include college and other post secondary opportunities, community living and support, and recreational and social opportunities.
  • Designing ecological supports for students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders for academic, behavioral, communicative and social needs.
  • Staff development training, coaching and supports that are individually designed and can be implemented on a school-wide, small group, or individual basis that are application based according to your needs.
  • Careful attention to the review of student records and assessments to better integrate needs and supports.
  • Directly and indirectly support parent/guardian concerns that you have regarding special education services for your child.

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Recent Publications

Telepractice has been vital to providing speech-language therapy services to students with speech and language disorders during the current COVID-19 crisis. Angie and Sharon recently published a peer-reviewed journal article titled “School-Based Speech-Language Services using Telepractice” outlining strategies for using telepractice with school-age students in the special education journal Intervention in School and Clinic.

Our Latest News

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Responsive Instruction, LLC can provide ongoing support over time to address your complex and/or changing needs. Many of our former school and individual clients have returned to us later for additional services. We are here to assist you in your journey as your needs evolve.
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