Responsive Instruction uses a variety of techniques to provide individualized support for each student. By secure electronic upload or mailing of student records, conference calls, video conferencing, and onsite visits, Responsive Instruction offers personalized support and services to meet your specific needs.
Personalized Consultation

Estimated time: Varies
(Minimum 1 hour) *
Speak with a Responsive Instruction consultant to clarify needs or ask questions about specific student supports for you or your child. This may include:

  • Ask a specific question about a testing report

  • Explanation of a specific student support

  • Process for obtaining assistance for a student

  • Ask a question about a classroom placement

Diagnostic Review of Records

Estimated time: Minimum 6 hours *
An in-depth diagnostic review of the student's current and prior records is the foundation to begin to provide personalized, prescriptive recommendations and services. This service includes:

  • Historical review of all student records

    • Current and prior IEP's and progress reports

    • Current identified areas of disability eligibilities and services

    • Review of related services (i.e. Speech, OT, PT)

    • Review of psychological evaluation(s)

    • Review of academic assessments

    • School records

    • Review of student progress

  • Analysis of learning strengths, weaknesses and educational trends

  • Identification of additional relevant information needed

  • Red flags

Analysis of Testing Reports

Estimated time: Minimum 4 hours *
Receive a detailed analysis of the student's testing reports to provide information useful in planning or designing a student's program. Reports may include, but are not limited to:

  • Psychological evaluation

  • Academic assessments

  • Developmental scales

  • Speech-language assessment

  • Assistive technology assessment

Educational Program Review

Estimated time: Minimum 4 hours *
Evaluation and feedback regarding your or your child's program, including:

  • Identification of appropriate services

  • Review supports to determine need for additional/fewer supports

  • Need for additional evaluation information

  • Instructional techniques

  • Observation/teacher input of student performance

Student Learning Profile Development

Estimated time: Minimum 3 hours *
Develop a better understanding of what your or your child's assessment reveals about needs, including:

  • Analysis of performance data

  • Strengths and weaknesses

  • Interests, processing style, learning preferences

  • Implication of memory and processing speed on learning

  • Impact of receptive and expressive language skills on classroom performance

Student Observation and Feedback

Estimated time: Varies based on needs and complexity *
Responsive Instruction consultants observe a student's classroom and/or home learning environments directly or remotely to:

  • Address specific questions

  • Develop program planning

  • Confirm student programming/services

Facilitation of Service Providers

Estimated time: Minimum 3 hours *
Responsive Instruction leads a facilitation meeting with the student's service providers to specify and coordinate services. This service includes an initial phone consult for preparation of details followed by a conference call with all of the student's service providers. The facilitation meeting may include:

  • parent(s) or guardian(s)

  • student (when appropriate)

  • school personnel

  • private service providers

Individualized Student Supports

Estimated time: Minimum 2 hours *
Receive assistance with student specific supports, such as:

  • Awareness of and strategies for student self-advocacy

  • Awareness of and effective navigation to obtain appropriate supports

  • Strategies to increase student independence

  • Designing school-to-home/ home-to-school communication

  • Reinforcement of school strategies at home

* The services listed above vary in complexity and time required to address your specific needs. An explanation is provided by each service with an estimated time for completion. Responsive Instruction services are personalized to each client’s needs and may vary in the time required by one or both of the RI consultants.

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