Responsive Instruction uses a variety of techniques to provide individualized support for each student. By secure electronic upload or mailing of student records, conference calls, video conferencing, and onsite visits, Responsive Instruction offers personalized support and services to meet your specific needs.
For students with IEP’s, transition planning usually begins when students are 14 years old. Responsive Instruction provides assistance with:
Personalized Consultation

Estimated time: Varies (Minimum 1 hour) *
Assist students and parents with the transition from high school to post secondary education or work, including:

  • Explanation of transition programming

  • Review current transition plan and provide feedback

  • Ask specific questions about your or your child's Transition Plan

  • Your role as a student/parent/teacher in the Transition Plan

Assist with Transition Plan Development of IEP

Estimated time: 2-3 hours *
Transition plan development may include:

  • Review of records to develop transition plan, including psychological, IEP, assistive technology

  • Use of learning profile to guide the design of the transition plan

  • Recommendations for additional assessments, if needed

Remote Participation in Transition Plan Meeting

Estimated time: varies based on needs and complexity *
Direct and real time guidance and support in the actual development of and participation in the Transition Plan meeting.

  • Student and/or parent consultation prior to meeting to identify interests and needs

  • Review of transition plan assessments

  • Recommendations for additional assessments, if needed

  • Consult with university/school staff and/or community supports and/or agencies

  • Review of previous years' Transition Plan(s)

Coordination of Inter-agency Supports

Estimated time: Initial time needed 1-2 hours *
Assist with multi-agency support to meet individual client needs.  This can include:

  • coaching

  • housing

  • transportation

  • behavioral supports

Awareness/Guidance of Transition Support Services after High School

Estimated time: Minimum 1 hour *
Consultation with client could include:

  • Evaluation of post secondary planning

  • Vocational interests/options

  • Job coaching

  • Housing options

  • Budgeting

  • Social skills

  • Alternative Augmentative Communication supports

  • Transportation

  • Leisure activities

Creation of Personalized Supports

Estimated time: Minimum of 1 hour *
Assist client with:

  • Identification of job coaches

  • Scheduling and organization

  • Visual supports and reminders

  • Study skills coaching

  • Use of alternative augmentative communication in various locations

* The services listed above vary in complexity and time required to address your specific needs. An explanation is provided by each service with an estimated time for completion. Responsive Instruction services are personalized to each client’s needs and may vary in the time required by one or both of the RI consultants.

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