Responsive Instruction utilizes the Elegant approach to address needs of individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. Click here to see more about Responsive Instruction’s Elegant Approach.
If you are looking for specific information related to specific areas of disability, including learning disabilities, speech-language, etc., through the consultation process, we will address your specific questions or need.
Service Description
Personalized Consultation

Estimated time: Varies (Minimum 1 hour) *
Speak with a Responsive Instruction consultant to clarify needs or ask specific questions about supports for students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

  • Ask specific questions about your child's diagnosis or co-existing diagnoses

  • Explanation of specific supports for students with ASD

  • Process for requesting additional evaluations or agency supports

Comprehensive Support for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Estimated time: Varies based on needs and complexity
(Minimum of 8 hours) *
Receive comprehensive support in all areas, including academic and behavioral supports, for students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. Services may include:

  • Review of current assessments

  • Recommendations of additional assessments

  • Review of current educational placement and student performance

  • Analysis of environment and behavioral responses

  • Review of services

    • academic

    • speech-language

    • occupational therapy

    • executive functioning

    • support staff

  • Review of strategy implementation

    • sensory breaks

    • visual schedules

    • scripts and social stories

  • Comparison of current performance with grade level expectations

Classroom Supports for Students with ASD

Estimated time: Varies based on needs and complexity *
Problem solving for addressing response to task demands for students diagnosed with ASD in the classroom which may include:

  • Create visual schedule

  • Use of scripts and social stories

  • Effectively implementing the use of visual timers

  • Effective sensory integration strategies in the classroom to increase student engagement

  • Appropriate communication supports to address student needs

  • Strategies to increase time on task

  • Initiating, sequencing and completing work assignments

Increasing Effective Engagement during Instruction

Estimated time: Varies based on needs and complexity *
Analyze academic task demands and student engagement, such as:

  • Effective use of visuals in instructional presentation

  • Identify appropriate techniques for increased student performance with verbal instruction

  • Analysis of effective methods of student instructional output

* The services listed above vary in complexity and time required to address your specific needs. An explanation is provided by each service with an estimated time for completion. Responsive Instruction services are personalized to each client’s needs and may vary in the time required by one or both of the RI consultants.

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