Responsive Instruction uses a variety of techniques to provide individualized support for each student. By secure electronic upload or mailing of student records, conference calls, video conferencing, and onsite visits, Responsive Instruction offers personalized support and services to meet your specific needs.
All services are personalized to meet the unique teacher/department/school needs and are provided in an objective and nonjudgmental manner to maximize teacher and student performance.
Personalized Consultation

Estimated time: Varies
(Minimum 1 hour) *
Speak with a Responsive Instruction consultant to clarify needs or ask questions about specific classroom supports. This may include:

  • Explanation of a specific instructional technique

  • Addressing a specific learning need for a student

  • Ask a question about co-teaching

Review of Information/Data and Teacher Coaching

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Develop staff development to meet your system, school, team or individual teacher needs in areas, such as:

  • Classroom strategy development

  • Classroom strategy implementation

  • IEP component development or refinement

  • Interpreting evaluation(s)

  • Review of IEP components and meeting procedures

Co-teaching Training/Coaching

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This service can be individualized to your unique classroom, school or system needs. Topics may include:

  • Becoming a team

  • Analysis of curriculum

  • Awareness of needs of students

  • Match classroom profile to state standards

  • Intensive co-planning strategies and ideas

  • Lesson evaluation

  • Student evaluation in response to co-teaching

Program Planning

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Develop personalized program planning tips and ideas for new or challenging students, such as:

  • Adapting current classroom routines for students who learn differently

  • Awareness of student learning profile

  • Problem solving based on your questions and concerns

  • Recommended resources for classroom and/or professional use

  • Discussion, demonstration and/or modeling of techniques and strategies

Differentiated Instructional Techniques

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Personalized instructional supports to support the RTI, IEP and 504 instructional process. These supports may include:

  • Use a variety of differentiated instructional techniques to provide instruction and evaluate student performance

  • Use multiple groupings and instructional arrangements according to classroom and individual student needs

  • Use appropriate individualized strategies

Implementation of Student Supports/Services

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Team with Responsive Instruction for implementation of student supports and services, including:

  • Accommodations and modifications

  • Behavior plans

  • Review of differentiation strategies

  • Effective use of support personnel

  • Testing accommodations

  • Analysis of co-teaching techniques

  • Use of assistive technology

Supporting Effective Communication In and Out of the Classroom

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Evaluation and feedback on providing verbal and written communication with students, parents and/or other teachers which is effective and developmentally age appropriate, including:

  • Instructions provided during classroom instruction

  • Written directions

  • Procedural directions

  • Clear and effective verbal feedback to students

  • Appropriate school to home communication

* The services listed above vary in complexity and time required to address your specific needs. An explanation is provided by each service with an estimated time for completion. Responsive Instruction services are personalized to each client’s needs and may vary in the time required by one or both of the RI consultants.

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