Responsive Instruction uses a variety of techniques to provide individualized support for each student. By secure electronic upload or mailing of student records, conference calls, video conferencing, and onsite visits, Responsive Instruction offers personalized support and services to meet your specific needs.
Personalized Consultation

Estimated time: Varies (Minimum 1 hour) *
Speak with a Responsive Instruction consultant to clarify needs or ask questions about your child's IEP. This may include:

  • Ask specific questions about your child's IEP

  • Explanation of IEP components, such as ESY, transition services, special education and related services, etc.

  • Process for developing an IEP

  • Your role as a student/parent/teacher in the IEP process

Review of a Specific Component of the Student's IEP

Estimated time:1-2 hours *
Per request, an individual component of the student's current or proposed IEP will be reviewed to address your specific questions regarding that section of the IEP. Assistance can be provided to teachers to guide the development of specific content. IEP areas may include:

  • Parental Concerns Development

  • ESY (Extended School Year)

  • Transition

Review of IEP

Estimated time: 2-3 hours *
Provides a limited review of the student's current or proposed IEP. This service answers questions, such as:

  • Does the present level of performance adequately document assessment of all areas related to the child's disability?

  • Do the goals and objectives match the weaknesses listed in present level of academic achievement and functional performance?

  • Is there internal consistency of each of the components of the child's IEP?

  • Do the accommodations appropriately match the identified needs as stated in the present level of academic achievement and functional performance in conjunction with the curriculum demands?

Review of IEP and Student Eligibility Determination

Estimated time: 3-4 hours *
Includes all components of the Review of IEP Service (listed above) and adds:

  • Analysis of the student's eligibility determination with the state's eligibility requirements

  • Comparison of eligibility assessment information with present level of academic achievement and functional performance

  • Determine if student's eligibility documentation is complete and meets requirements

  • Analysis of interpretation of state standards to child's assessment

Review of IEP

Estimated time: 4-6 hours *
Includes all components of Review of IEP and Student Eligibility Determination Service (listed above) and adds:

  • Complete analysis of child's psychological assessment

  • Complete analysis of child's additional evaluations (academic, speech-language, occupational therapy, assistive technology, orientation and mobility, etc.)

  • Compare results of evaluations to eligibility report/determination, present level of academic achievement and functional performance and other areas of the IEP

  • Recommend sample goals and objectives

Remote Participation in IEP Meeting

Estimated time: varies based on needs and complexity *
Direct and real time guidance and support in the actual development of and participation in the IEP. Includes all components of Comprehensive Review of IEP Service (listed above).

  • Consult with school staff or parents to identify priorities for services, student supports, accommodations, etc. prior to IEP meeting

  • Review of previous years' IEP documents

  • May request additional evaluations by school system or parents prior to the IEP meeting

  • Consultation with school system and/or review of specific school documents

IEP Preparation and Support

Estimated time: varies based on needs and complexity *
Obtain assistance with developing one or more components of the IEP.

  • Personalized support to prepare for upcoming IEP meeting

  • Personalized support for upcoming 3-year reevaluation

  • Drafting potential goals and objectives, parental concerns, accommodations and modifications, ESY, etc. for upcoming IEP

  • Alignment of goals with grade level expectations/ curriculum

Fidelity of IEP Implementation

Estimated time: varies based on needs and complexity *
Support provided for actual IEP implementation and coordination.

  • Coordination of services

  • Implementation of techniques

  • Coordination with private providers and school system

  • Observation/coordination with school to facilitate program implementation

  • Support with data collection to obtain teacher feedback of student performance

* The services listed above vary in complexity and time required to address your specific needs. An explanation is provided by each service with an estimated time for completion. Responsive Instruction services are personalized to each client’s needs and may vary in the time required by one or both of the RI consultants.

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